About RBG The Anderson Company Realtors

Real Estate Brokers Group-The Anderson Company is a full service property management company.  We can handle every aspect of managing your rental property, from applications to repairs.  If you are looking to invest, we also have a team of experienced realtors to help you with your next purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing investment property, please see the bottom of the page for more information.

We screen all tenants prior to renting a property.  Tenants must complete an application giving full disclosure of past rental history, criminal background and dispossessory history. A credit report is pulled for each individual to verify payment history and to look for past judgements for rent, utilities, etc...  We also verify the prospective tenant's income to ensure that their income can support the rent amount.

Once an applicant is approved through the application process, a security deposit equal to at least one months rent is required.  Larger deposits are sometimes required, depending on the applicant's credit report and rent history.  Once a Security Deposit has been paid, the tenant will have up to two weeks to sign their lease and pay their first months rent.  The first months rent is prorated to the day that they sign their lease.  Upon moving out, an inspector is sent to photograph the property and to make record of any damages to the property that may be present.  The report is analyzed and compared to the Move-In Inspection Report the tenant completed when they first moved in.  If repairs are required, the cost of repairs are taken from the security deposit and deposited to the owner's account.

Rent is due on the 1st and late if not received by the 5th of the month.  Dispossessory warrants are issued to any tenants who have failed to pay rent by the 10th of the month.  The Dispossessory Warrant fee is paid by the owner and reimbursed by the tenant.  ($73 for Dougherty County, $100 for Lee County)  If non-payment results in a court hearing, our office will send a representative for you to court.

Owners have a choice as to who he/she would like to take care of repairs.  If you wish, you can choose to have our company take care of repairs for you.  We have experienced maintenance technicians on staff to take care of troubleshooting and minor repairs.  We also have subcontractors to handle any large repairs.

At the end of the year, owners will receive a 1099 along with their December statement.  Owners will also receive a property spread sheet breaking down their profits/expenses for the year.

Owners have the option of either having their owner draw mailed to them or directly deposited into their bank account.

Owners are mailed a statement outlining profits and expenses each month.  Statements are mailed between the 20th and 25th of each month.